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Finger Markings

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Introduction to Finger Types

Have you ever taken a close look at "finger" markings? This very large sub-set of auxiliary markings can provide a lifetime of collecting fun and challenge.

Finger markings originated just before the turn of the 20th century. Then, as today, they are mostly associated with "return to sender" instructions of one kind or another, with the finger part pointing to the sender's address in the upper left of an envelope.

The varieties of these marks is seemingly endless. Here are just a few basic characteristics to look for when examining them.

Hand used

right hand

left hand
Hand type

solid hand

outlined hand
Coat jacket

with button

without button
Coat sleeve

no/minimal shading

partial shading

partial shading

full shading

with fingernails

without fingernails
Return(ed) to

return to sender

returned to sender
return to writer
sorry, no example!

returned to writer

Anatomically Interesting Fingers

Note: Other fingers can be found in this presentation on other pages based on their intended use.

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