PTRC Items for Sale

A New Club Hat now on sale $15.00
hat06052021 (101K)
We can order the following items:
Hooded Sweats PC90H S-XL=$22.00 2XL=$28.00 3XL=$29.00 4XL=$30.00
Crew Neck Sweat Shirts PC90 S-XL=$16.00 2XL=$18.00 3XL=$19.00 4XL-$20.00
Polo Shirts KP55 S-XL=$16.00 2XL-$17.00 3XL-$18.00 4XL=$19.00
Long Sleeve PC61LS S-XL=$16.00 2XL-$18.00 3XL-$19.00 4XL=$20.00

2018standtee (8K)
$15.00 Short sleeve Tee's in stock at club house.
All proceeds will go for supporting local family/families this holiday

winhat (84K)

NEW Item in stock only $10.00

2hatspatch (22K)

Club hats in stock only $15.00, 3 inch patch $5.00

jacket (41K)

Jackets must be ordered (pre pay) $65.00 with name!
Green, Light Maroon, Gray

NEW CARHARTT JACKETS $95.00 (prepay order only)
Come in Duck or Black
with or without American Flag - Name
Order form click HERE

carjak (137K)