The Pine Tree Rifle Club, Inc., of Johnstown, NY was organized in the Spring of 1937, the first meeting being held at the home of Robert C. Kilmer.  For the next couple of years all of the meetings were held at the homes of the members. 

The Club leased enough land for the 100-yard range and for trap shooting in the Spring of 1938.  The Club House was built on leased land during the Fall and Winter of 1940.  Later, in 1942, the property consisting of thirty acres was purchased outright.

Since that time many improvements have been made, outdoor fireplaces erected, and the grounds were cleaned off providing ample space for picnic parties.  A twenty-five yard range was placed near the Club House.  In the Spring of 1947 a new well was driven near the Club House which provides a supply of clear, cold water.

During the Summer of 1947 a bulldozer was engaged to clear off more land and to build new roads through the property.  The new 100-yard range was leveled off and improved, while more parking space was provided.

Those members who gave so generously of their time, every Wednesday evening, during the past Summer are to be commended for the work they have done in making the 100 yard range one of the best in the State.

Five bench rests have been erected and new target frames and their supports were made and put in place.  Benches were placed for the convenience of visitors and contestants who may now drive direct to the range.  The many large pine trees on the knoll back of the targets, together with the woods surrounding the range, provides a scenic setting and background seldom found on a range of this size.

The members are now engaged in enlarging the kitchen, which due to the increase in membership was required.  A new and larger gas range has been installed   The intention is to provide special dinners to members and friends several times a month during the Fall and Winter.

The Club now has over 150 members and with the new 100-yard range in use several rifle matches will be held later in the season.  The Bench Rest Match, which the Club is now sponsoring, for the first time during this Labor Day holiday will be an annual affair if it meets with the approval of both contestants and members.  We hope that all of the contestants and visitors attending this match will avail themselves of the camping facilities afforded and we invite them to use the Club House during their attendance.




Robert C. Kilmer                      Michael DeMagistris                    Anton Albrecht

John Velisky                              Edwin Kilmer                              K. Wm. Buchner

Robert Van Horne                     Michael SOllak                            Floyd Bradt

Donal Wagschal                         Donal Shaver                               Walter Theurer

Richard Brower                         Howard Musgrave                         Douglas Harvey

James Kilmer                             Harry Kiler

Anton Albrecht served as the first President and John Velisky was the first Secretary of the CLub.  The members who served in the Second World War, and are inscribed on the Club Honor Roll, are as follows:

K. Wm. Buchner                       Claude Burch                              Wesley Clifford

Michael DeMagistris                   Paul Gunsel                                  Theron Henry

Frank Pollak                              William Neuberger                        John Simek

Daniel Sitterly                             Joseph SLovick                            Everett Smith

Robert Thompson                       Anthony Velicky                          George Velicky

John Husek

The Gold Star members of the Club wre Charles Johnannes and John Pavucek.


Webmasters note:  The above history was written sometime in the late 1940's or early 1950's