Photo taken at the Moloka'i Lodge Summer 2007

Kimo & Ka'iulani's CD "Pono" with 8 Original Songs & Chants...

1  "No Moloka'i He Moku Kapu"- Ka'iulani wrote this chant in October 2007 on an airplane flying home from E Pili Kakou in California. It is in honor of the very sacred Island of Moloka'i.

EnglishTranslation also by Ka 'iulani: 

"Sacred Molokai"  By Victoria Ka‘iulani Visiko

 Here is the sacred land 

Here is the Island of Moloka‘i

The stars cast their glow upon it

The mana shines bright

Listen to the wind tell its story

The fragrance of the flower shares passion

The love spreads around the world

The Hula will perpetuate for all

Precious love may you hear my call

Beloved Moloka‘i bring me back to thee.

Tell the story of Sacred Moloka‘i

Copyright October 2007


2    "A Hui Hou, Kaua'i"- Kimo composed this Slack Key Guitar instrumental piece for the happy and sad times on Kaua'i. The sadness comes into their hearts when it is time to leave their beloved island.  Kimo plays in a unique tuning that has not been recorded before: CFCGAD.
3    "Ahi Wela/Twinkle Twinkle" - This is  a tribute to Brudda Iz.  Kimo plays on a Kamaka soprano ukulele.

4    "Pono" - title song - Kimo composed this Slack Key Guitar instrumental piece for all the good in their lives together. Life does not come without sadness and pain. If you can work through it will achieve the feeling of this song...pono...all will be right  (ho'oponopono). Kimo plays on a Takamine 12 string guitar in CGCGBD tuning.

5   "Kaupoa"-This song was written by Kimo & Ka'iulani in July 2006 for Na Kupuna at the Moloka'i Lodge who welcomed  them each year with open arms. In one breath they say..."Play your, Hula dancer". Kimo plays in BbFDFBbD tuning.
 6    "Mahinahina" by Ozzi Kotani - Wixen Music Publishing. Steel string guitar in BEBF#BD#.  Mahinahina is the 'pale silvery moon'.
7    "Kalapaki" by Clyde Letreta - Clyde Letreta Music - Kimo & Ka'iulani fell in love with this song that was written by their friend, Clyde. Their children play at Kalapaki Beach every summer. It is Kimo & Ka'iulani's special place.  Kimo plays a Lanikai Baritone ukulele in EbG#CF tuning.
8    " 'Aina Hanau" by John Keawe - Homestead Productions. Kimo plays the Taylor 314-CE in Bb tuning: BbFDFBbD.  The "birth land."
9    "Pua Hanalei"- Kimo and Ka'iulani wrote this song early New Year's Day 2008 while their 5 children slept. It is a song which describes their youngest daughter, Hanalei Mahina who is 5 years old. Kimo plays the Takamine 12 string guitar in CGCGBD tuning.
10    "Nu 'Oli" -  based on a traditional  hymn from the 1800s- arranged by George Kahumoku and used with Uncle George's permission.  Kimo plays the Takamine 12 string guitar in DGDGBD tuning.
11    "Ohana Kaua'i"- Kimo composed this Slack Key Guitar instrumental piece in July 2007 for their musician Ohana and very dear friends on Kaua'i. Kimo plays in a unique tuning CFCGAD that has not been recorded before, according to George Winston's slack key technical notes at
12    "Pua Hone" by Rev. Dennis Kamakahi - used by permission from Dennis Kamakahi Productions - Ka'iulani sings this beautiful love song in a Hula style with kahea. She choreographed her own Hula to this very special song. Kimo plays the Takamine Nylon string guitar in BbFCFAD tuning.
13    "No Ka Po" by Keola Beamer - used by permission from Starscape Music. Kimo plays the Taylor 314-CE in  F-wahine tuning: CFCGCE. He adds one short improvisation on Keola's original theme.
14    "Na Pua Naupaka"- Hawaiian Myth retold by Ka'iulani. Ka'iulani wrote these words in the Spring of 2008.
15    "Kamalani O 'Keaukaha" by Lena Machado, used by permission Harry Fox Agency. Kimo plays Ozzie Kotani's arrangement with an elaborate introduction in C#F#C#F#A#C# on the Takamine nylon string guitar. This song was performed by George Helm, and inspired Ozzie to perform it in his inimitable style.
16    "Eia No Ka Moku O Kaua'i"- Ka'iulani wrote this chant because Kaua'i is their favorite Island. Kimo & Ka'iulani always enjoy their trip to their hanai home on Kaua'i.

EnglishTranslation also by Ka 'iulani: 

"Here is the Island of Kaua‘i " by Victoria Ka‘iulani Visiko

Here is the Island of Kaua‘i

Beautiful is the land, Kaua‘i

Welcoming home to visitors

In search of calm

In search of spirit

Here is the Island of Kaua‘i

Tell the refrain of the story

The Island of Kaua‘i is indeed the best

Copyright February 2008