Kimo & Ka'iulani's 2nd CD "Mana O Kalapaki" 



Kimo & Ka'iulani's CD "Mana O Kalapaki" with 5 Original Songs & Chants...

1    "Mele Kahea"- A traditional entrance chant. As a Kumu hula, Ka'iulani uses this chant at the beginning of all the Hula classes that she teaches. Her haumana (students) recite it to enter the dance space in the Gallery Kaua'i halau.
2    "Kaulana Na Pua"- By Ellen Keho'ohiwaokalani Wright Prendergast, used with permission from the Harry Fox Agency. Kimo plays this song with all the love he has for the Hawaiian culture and the people who have become his and Ka'iulani's ohana on Kaua'i, on Taylor six-string guitar in CGDGBE tuning.
3    "Beautiful Kaua'i" - By Rudolph Haleakala Farden. Kaua'i no ka oe...Kaua'i is the best. This song describes the beauty of Kaua'i.  Kimo plays the Kamaka ukulele and the bass (Guild Ashbory fretless). Ka'iulani sings it in a jazz style.

4    "Ho'omalu Slack Key" - By Sonny Chillingworth, used with permission from Wixen. This is a song that Sonny composed as an exercise for his students. Kimo plays it on the six string Taylor guitar in CFCFAC tuning.

5    "Mana O Kalapaki" -  An original by Kimo & Ka'iulani. This song describes a vision that appeared to them while on Kaua'i. August 2008, 1:00am she was floating on the water...Ka'iulani named her Mana O Kalapaki...the Spirit of Kalapaki Bay. Ka'iulani & Kimo saw her on her knees with her hands waving towards the sky. They video taped the vision. At daybreak...they created this song. Later, Kimo & Ka'iulani were told that spot was where the surfers protested the Super Ferry.  Kimo and Ka'iulani will never forget her.  Kimo plays the six string Taylor guitar in BbFCFAC tuning. See the photo page for a video clip of what we saw.
 6    "Hanalei Paka Ua" - An original Slack Key composition by Kimo Knox.  The misty...soft Hanalei raindrops that envelop you in warmth, is the essence of this composition. Kimo's harmonics represent the raindrops on a tin roof dancing in the night. This song was inspired by a beautiful night at the Tahiti Nui bar in Hanalei. Kimo plays on a Takamine 12 string guitar in a unique CFCGBD tuning.
7    "Hula Blues" This song was written originally in 1920 by Johnny Noble as a big band composition, and later words were added by Sonny Cunha. Kimo plays this on the six string Taylor guitar in CFCFAC tuning.
8    "A Thousand Miles" - By Ka'awa Solomon & Art Umezu, used with permission from our dear friend, Ka'awa Solomon & music partner Art Umezu. Ka'iulani sings this song with all of the love she has for Kaua'i, her hanai (adopted) home. Kimo plays the Takamine nylon string guitar in C#F#C#F#A#D# tuning, and Guild fretless bass.
9    "Hana Moe'uhane" - An original Slack Key composition by Kimo Knox. The dream maker weaves all dreams. Kimo plays the Takamine nylon string guitar in DGDGBE tuning, and the Guild bass.
10    "Kaupoa...Reprise" -  An original by Kimo & Ka'iulani. A tribute to the people of Moloka'i who had their lives turned upside down with the closing of the Moloka'i Ranch.  The original song was written in 2006. The fourth verse was added in June 2009. Kimo plays the Taylor 6 string guitar in BbFDFBbD tuning.
11    "E Laka E Laka" - A chant by Kumu Ka'iulani Visiko in honor of Laka...the goddess of Hula.
12    "Kalapaki Surf" - Recorded by Kimo Knox at Kalapaki Bay in the summer of 2008.