Kimo & Ka'iulani's (4th) CD "Mālie"



Kimo Knox & Ka'iulani Visiko's CD "Mālie" has 13 original songs...

1. "Na Mele o Ka'iulani"  5:25

Kimo plays an original love song for Ka'iulani on Takamine nylon string guitar, using "Gabby's C tuning," tuned down to B.


2. "One Lonely Tear"  4:36

At matter how wonderful life is...full of love, excitement and joy...a woman may feel she needs to be free! Everyday life takes over and in a breath...happiness can be shattered! Live each day to the fullest. Awaken by a sound...Ka'iulani wrote these lyrics at 4:00 in the morning.   The house was so silent. Kimo plays Kamaka Ukulele, Takamine nylon string guitar, Kala Ubass, and several percussion instruments.

3. "Mālie"  3:16

This song is a fusion of Slack Key style in "Leonard's F tuning," tuned down to E. Kimo plays most of the song with a brass slide. This is an unusual combination of tuning and slide. The title to this song means "calm," and there is a calm portion in the middle of the song when Kimo stops using the brass slide and uses fingers on left hand.

4. "Drift Away"  2:31

Ka'iulani wrote this song on the lanai at Waipouli Beach Resort in July 2010. Ka'iulani was thinking of her mother who had passed away during Thanksgiving 2009. Adeline J. Visiko struggled with dementia for five years which led to her passing. Ka'iulani spent many hours watching her mother's mind, body, then her spirit drift away. Kimo plays Kamaka ukulele.

5. "Spring Time"  2:49

The winters are long in Rochester, New York, and Springtime is a bouncy time here. So, this melody is kind of bouncy. Kimo plays it on a 12 string Takamine guitar in Open C tuning, and Ubass with a solo track on plain old Fender electric in plain old tuning.


6. "Molly"  4:05

Molly Katherine Thomas (February 14, 1995-March 18, 2011)

Ka'iulani wrote this song for Molly who died very suddenly at the age of 16. Her daughters Leilani & Wailea knew her at school. Ka'iulani met Molly for the first time as she laid in her coffin. Heart broken for such a loss and heart shattered as she embraced Molly's parents...Ka'iulani wrote this song after the funeral. Molly was a runner, flute player and loved by many. Ka'iulani still lights candles every day for Molly's spirit.

Kimo plays the baritone ukulele for a fuller sound, and Ubass. The song finishes with a flute solo. In the end, it is all alone.


7. "Fall Colors"  4:13

The Fall season is truly beautiful here in Rochester, NY. It is a riot of colors and it is a feast for the eyes. Yet, the fun summer is over and we anticipate a long cold winter, so there is a bit of melancholy in the crisp morning air. This song captures this feeling, using the Takamine 12 string guitar in  "Leonard's F tuning," tuned down to E, with a Kala Ubass accompaniment.

8. "Kaua'i Fevah!"  2:48

Kimo & Ka'iulani's first "rap" ! This song expresses Kimo and Ka'iulani's love for Kaua'i Island and people. We always have fun and are warmly welcomed back by our Kaua'i ohana. Kimo plays Kamaka ukulele in three tracks. A playful flute hides in the background until it is time to bust out in a flute duet solo. Kimo also adds lots of other percussion tracks.

9. "Walkin' In The Night"  3:19

This one is definitely not a slack key piece ! It captures a feeling of walking on a dark night with a Fender guitar track, Kala Ubass accompaniment, and a spacey kine keyboard track.

10. Kapa'a Frenzy"  2:51

Many times Kimo and Ka'iulani have been stuck in a traffic jam in Kapa'a, or on other areas of Kaua'i. There is nowhere to go since there is only one road ! So - there we are in paradise with only a few more weeks to go - and we're sittin' there going nowhere fast. This song captures the feeling. Play it loud in your car while you are driving - but watch the speed limit ! Kimo plays Kamaka ukulele, and two bass parts - one on a Takamine nylon string guitar tuned down to C, and a Kala Ubass track.

11. "Drift Away Alternate"  2:38

A second version of "Drift Away" recorded with Ubass and drum track.

See "Drift Away" notes #4 above.

12. "Kimo Tahiti"  1:59

This original song is composed, arranged and performed by Kimo on a set of Tahitian drums made by Kimo's friend Tepairu Manea, who is from Tahiti and makes traditional style Tahitian drums on the island of Kaua'i. Kimo studied with Manea previously.

13. "O Kalalau" 2:52

Ka'iulani wrote this chant in the traditional Hawaiian style for their  love of Kaua'i...especially the beauty of Kalalau. Kimo plays a bamboo flute that he made, and also the traditional Ipu Heke, a gourd instrument.