Kimo & Ka'iulani's 3rd CD "Ka Makani" (The Wind)

Kimo Knox & Ka'iulani Visiko's CD "Ka Makani" with six original songs and other songs that have been arranged by Kimo & Ka'iulani.

1.   Na Huaka‘ipo O Waipouli (Kimo)  4:43

Kimo composed this song in the Hawaiian Slack Key style during the Summer of 2009 while on Kaua'i. The Huaka'ipo are the Night Marchers in Hawaiian legends. In this song, a beautiful calm night is interrupted three times by the night marchers. A Kaua'i kupuna (elder) told Kimo that he heard the Night Marchers calling out to him through this song. Kimo plays a Takamine nylon string guitar in BbFCFAC tuning.


2.   E Pele (traditional, arr. by Kimo & Ka‘iulani) 2:20  

After hearing another artistic version of this chant done by Ma'iki Aiu Lake, Ka'iulani & Kimo decided to create another artist version of this chant. Ka'iulani chants and plays a drum which was made by their oldest son, Christopher: see Kimo plays 'Uli 'Uli.


3.   Wai Ulu (L. Mahelona/G. Kalelohi Sr., arr. by Kimo) 3:59

This beautiful song is played by Kimo on nylon string guitar in F Wahine tuning with capo on the fourth fret. For the lyrics to the original love song see:


4.   He Aloha Makamae (P. Cockett/H. Frazier, arr. by Kimo) 3:45

Kimo & Ka'iulani fell in love with this song several years ago. They dedicate this song to Ka'iulani's mother Adeline who died in November 2009. Ka'iulani sang it to her mother everyday  during her last hours. Kimo plays Taylor guitar in CGDGBD tuning, Yamaha bass, flute and keyboard in this original arrangement. Used with permission.


5.   He Aloha Mo‘opuna (Kimo) 3:55

Kimo composed this song in the Hawaiian Slack Key style during the Summer of 2009 while on Kaua'i. It is a gift for their first Mo'opuna (granddaughter) Aubrey Margaret who was born in October 2009. Kimo plays the Taylor guitar in DADF#AD tuning tuned down to B.


6.  Hurricane (Ka Makani Pahili) (Kimo) 4:46

Kimo composed this song in the Hawaiian Slack Key style during the Summer of 2009 while on Kaua'i. On the island of Kauai , life was peaceful and beautiful, but it was interrupted on September 11,  1992 by Hurricane Iniki, which brought much devastation to the island.  The devastating blows to the island are heard three times in this song, and Kaua'i is beautiful once again.  Kimo plays a 12 string Takamine guitar in his unique tuning CFCGBD.


7. Hanalei Paka Ua (Vocal Version) (Kimo & Ka‘iulani) 4:48

An original Slack Key composition by Kimo and poetry by Ka'iulani.  The misty...soft Hanalei raindrops that envelop you in warmth, is the essence of this composition. Kimo's harmonics represent the raindrops on a tin roof dancing in the night. This song was inspired by a beautiful night at the Tahiti Nui bar in Hanalei. Kimo plays a Takamine 12 string guitar in his unique CFCGBD tuning. Ka'iulani wrote the way they felt as Kimo & she walked out into the night...


8. Sakura, a Japanese traditional song, arranged by Kimo 3:28

In this rendition of a traditional Japanese melody (also known as Cherry Blossoms), Kimo plays  a Kamaka Koa Tenor ukulele in a style that mimics a Koto. He also plays a Tahitian bass drum that was made in Kauai by Uncle Tepairu Manea., and a wind chime.


9. Mai Tai Blues (Kimo & Ka‘iulani) 5:14

This original composition by Kimo & Ka'iulani was inspired by an event at the Kaua'i Music Festival in 2008 at the pool bar. At that time, free Mai Tais were offered from 5 pm to 6 pm. In this, Kimo plays Taylor guitar in CGCEGC tuning on rhythm, the same guitar with brass slide, lead Fender guitar, and Yamaha bass . Kimo & Ka'iulani had a lot of fun creating this song together!


10 Ka Makani (Kimo & Ka‘iulani) 3:46

E Ka Makani the tradewinds they cleanse the they make all things pono (right) they bring Kimo & Ka'iulani back to their hanai (adopted) home of Kaua'i. Kimo plays a bamboo flute that he made, traditional Ipu Heke, and he includes his recording of the Kapalaki surf as a background track.


11.  Aloha ‘Oe (Queen Lili‘uokalani, arr. by Kimo) 4:28

This song, originally written in 1887, is recreated in an original arrangement wherein Ka'iulani sings, Kimo plays flute, Takamine nylon string guitar in CGDGBE tuning, Yamaha bass and Kamaka tenor ukulele.