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My name is David Martinez and I am the owner of Navajo Glass Art and Studio. My gallery has been open since 1993. I produce and sell only high quality art. This includes fine etched glass, batik, paintings, wood/stone sculptures, metal work, jewelry, baskets, sand paintings, and fine Navajo rugs. I myself have been producing stained glass windows since 1976 while attending Judson School in Scottsdale, Arizona. While in Scottsdale, I was given a very good foundation in glass work from my teacher, mentor and friend, "Stahr", a well known artist in the Valley of the Sun. Stahr had a lot of faith in me. He trusted me to take tools and my projects back to the dormitory to work on.

In 1982, I started etching and sandblasting glass, giving a 3-dimensional look. I am known by my use of ebony and black mirror. When blasted, these give a beautiful effect of black and white, almost a negative effect.

Most of the designs are of the Native American Indian themes, But I will execute any design the customer wants. There are so many different ways to sandblast on glass, i.e. flat glass panels, drinking glasses, bud vases, crystal and optical mirror awards, room dividers, and coffee and dining tables.

In 1995, I had the privilege to meet and to work with Lucas Century from Sanibel, Florida. Lucas is most known for his contribution and work on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. Lucas is the inventor of the photo-stencil technique, which gives us the ability to sandblast designs with great detail and to accomplish any work without having to send out for stencils. We make our own. I thank Lucas for being a friend, mentor, and a hardworking etching professional.

I have won a few awards at art shows, but not mainly because I would sell directly out of the studio. Navajo Glass Art Studio and Gallery is Constantly looking to change with new designs, manufacturing techniques, and the ability to change future years.

I would like to thank all of our customers, friends, and future clients of Navajo Glass Art Studio and Gallery.

David Martinez


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