Placing Your Order

Because of the number of products we offer, and the array of options that we can provide, we ask that you e-mail us at with your shipping address and a list of the products that you are interested in purchasing. We will verify item availability, calculate shipping costs, then email you a time-restricted quote.

If you are interested in ordering a complete CoCo system, please answer this list of questions. It will help us in preparing your quote:

1. If ordering a CoCo3, what grade A or B? (See Hardware Tab, CoCo3 page for explanation)
2. 128K or 512K?
3. Do you use RS-DOS, NitrOS-9 or both?
4. Would you like a HD63x09 processor installed?
5. Would you like to boot up from a hard drive at powerup?
6. Do you have a floppy drive system with controller, case and power supply?
7. Do you have a Multi-Pak?
8. Do you want to transfer files from PC/Mac to the CoCo?

Payment Options

For your convenience, we use PayPal as our primary source of order payments. By using PayPal, you insure that your order will ship faster.

We also accept money orders, though this will delay shipment.

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