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FLASH cartridge for your CoCo!

Don't have an EPROM programmer? Or are you tired of burning EPROMs if you do? Then look no further! Cloud-9's miniFLASH gives your CoCo a total of four (4) 16K banks of FLASH for your favorite DOS or ROM Pak. Each bank is both software and hardware selectable.

With the provided software, you can easily flash any image into one of the 16K banks. Put your favorite DOS or even a ROM Pak into a bank and instantly load it onto your Color Computer!

As a bonus, miniFLASH comes with the following great games by John W. Linville:


COCODOKU is a tool for solving or even making Sudoku puzzles. While it
does not generate puzzles for you, it does have an editor that lets
you enter Sudoku puzzles from any source that you may have (including
your own design)! It also includes a "manual play" mode that helps to
ensure that you make valid moves while you attempt to solve a puzzle.
Finally, an "auto solver" is available for when you just can't finish
a puzzle on your own... Compatible with all CoCo and Dragon models.

Follow CoCo!

If you love the game Simon, then you'll love Follow CoCo! This is an
homage to Ralph Baer's iconic memory game from the 80's. Repeat the
pattern that the CoCo gives you and make it to the next round.
How far can you get? Compatible with all CoCo and Dragon models.

Standard Features

  • 64K of user programmable FLASH
  • Comes with FLASH programming software and test utilities under Disk BASIC
  • Works on all Color Computers
  • NOW comes with the newly designed SuperPak ROM pak case
miniFLASH Specifications
Feature Description
Memory 64K of internal FLASH
Software FLASH programming utilities

miniFLASH $55 + s/h

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