Bring the 6809 to your Atari!

The Liber809 is a microprocessor upgrade for the Atari 800XL/1200XL/130XE. It combines the power of the Motorola 6809 with the superb graphics and sound hardware of the Atari 8-bit platform.

It's easy to install. Just remove your existing 6502C microprocessor at 16K ROM from your Atari motherboard (desoldering and socket installation may be required), then plug in the LIber809 and provided ROM, and your Atari's personality will instantly change!

Use the widely available SIO2PC adapter and DriveWire 4 Server to load applications into your Atari, experiement with 6809 code, and even run the Atari port of the NitrOS-9 operating system!

Standard Features

  • Quality constructed daughterboard with 40 pin connector plugs into the motherboard
  • Genuine Motorola 68B09E microprocessor socketed on board
  • 16K (27128) EPROM contains Liber809 firmware

Liber809 w/ Motorola 68B09E and 16K EPROM $65 + s/h

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