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Who Are Meyer & McGuire?

After reading many inflated promotional descriptions about performers, it is the desire of this writer to portray, as accurately as possible, a clear and genuine picture of Meyer & McGuire. It is this writer's hope that, after one reads this description, the reader will not be disappointed if the choice is made to hire this duo or attend one of their performances.

One of the most important issues to address in describing Meyer & McGuire is their sound. All the vocals are done by Meyer. His voice, while not polished, emits a depth and sincerity which endears him to his audience. His decision to perform the works of such artists as Buffett, Dylan, Paxton, Guthrie, Kristofferson, Nelson, Prine, Walker, and Williams should give the reader both a sense of the power, style, and range of his voice as well as a sense of the themes that appear in his original material. Meyer accompanies his voice with rhythmical sounds from his acoustic guitar and his harmonica, which generates either melodic or improvisational tones. McGuire brings a fullness and depth to Meyer's sound with her acoustic bass. Whether Meyer is singing a sensitive folk ballad or a hard driving bluegrass tune, McGuire impresses the audience with her ability to add the perfect touch to the songs.

The sound of Meyer & McGuire has been presented in many different settings. One may see them at a campfire, private party, family reunion, restaurant, bar, coffee house, festival, or concert. The nature of their performance can vary. At times, one may see them performing with a small sound system. This usually occurs in areas where the purpose of the music is to enhance the atmosphere. Other times, one may hear them performing with a full sound system. This usually occurs in larger areas where the purpose of the music is to engage and ignite the audience. Whether their presence is unobtrusive or conspicuous, Meyer & McGuire generate a great deal of energy in their shows. While some of their songs invite listening, most of them encourage audience participation. Meyer & McGuire are at their best when they are able to persuade their audience to become participants in their show. Those who attend a Meyer & McGuire performance will often find themselves singing and clapping along to the sounds of classic folk, country, rock, bluegrass, blues, Irish, Caribbean, and original tunes.

As stated earlier, it is the desire of this writer to give the reader a clear and authentic picture of Meyer & McGuire. The description of their sound and the nature of their performance is genuine and unembellished. If one, after reading this description, chooses to hire or attend a show of Meyer & McGuire, he or she will not be deceived. Their performance will generate an unpretentious warmth that will open the heart and soul.

Where Have Meyer & McGuire Studied Music?

Meyer & McGuire are self-taught. Although they have no formal training, they have learned their musical skills from professional musicians in an informal and casual manner. Meyer & McGuire use their instruments as tools to present themes generated by their lyrics.

How Do Meyer & McGuire Spend Their Time?

Meyer & McGuire live together on Circle Drive in Canandaigua.  When they are not working as musicians, they spend their time walking, reading fiction, studying computer technology, and visiting with friends.

Where Do Meyer & McGuire Perform?

The venues for Meyer & McGuire vary. The list below is only a snapshot view of the places they play and have played.

Pubs and Restaurants: Jose and Willy's, Canandaigua;Sheridan’s Pub, Rochester;Café Sol, Canandaigua;Brew and Brats, Naples; Orange Inn, Naples; Wally's Pub, Canandaigua; Buffalo Bill's, Shortsville; Johnny's Irish Pub, Rochester; Maloney's Pub, Hammondsport;Rio Tomatlan,Canandaigua; The Naples Hotel, Naples; Inn on the Lake, Canandaigua;Rylie J’s,Geneva; New York Wine and Culinary Center, Canandaigua; Finger Lakes Gifts and Lounge, Geneva; Warfield’s Restaurant Lounge and Bakery, Clifton Springs; Lake Street Station Winery, Geneva

Festivals: The Corn Hill Festival, Rochester; The Naples Spring Festival, Naples; The Grape Festival, Naples; The Harvest Festival, Canandaigua; The Rochester Irish Festival, Rochester; Captain Redbeard’s Festival, Honeoye; Arts at the Gardens (Sonnenberg Gardens), Canandaigua, Canandaigua Arts Festival, Canandaigua; Whale Watch, Geneva

Coffee Houses: Tunes by the Tracks, Clifton Springs; Old Time Music Night (Greece Baptist Church), Greece; Java Junction, Brockport; Cafe Alfresca, Hammondsport; The Night Eagle, Oxford; Daily Perks, Rochester; Equal Grounds Coffee House, Rochester; Borders Books and Music, Buffalo, Syracuse, Victor and Henrietta

Concerts: The Commons Summer Series, Canandaigua; South Bristol Cultural Center (Celtic Night), Canandaigua; Twelve Corners Concert Series (opened for the Dady Brothers), Rochester; Town of Manchester Summer Concert Series, Manchester

What Original Material Have Meyer & McGuire Produced?

Meyer and McGuire have produced three recordings. They are Home Town (1993), Caught in the Middle (1998), and The Road Less Traveled (2008).  In 2014, they recorded “Last Man Standing,” a single only available as a download.  All recordings contain only original material, and the sound is a blend of folk, country, and bluegrass styles. Their albums can be purchased at their performances and on line via MeyerandMcGuire.com or CDBaby.com.


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