Ways of Acquiring Moral Truth

Kenneth Cauthen

Copyright © by Kenneth Cauthen 2000. All rights reserved. The essay that formerly was on this page was published as part of my The Ethics of Belief: A Bio-Historical Approach,  2 vols. (Lima, OH: CSS Publishing Co., 2001). Brief highlights are included here.

Three widely employed approaches for acquiring moral truth are based on natural law, human reason, and divine revelation. Supporters maintain that their preferred method can provide moral norms that are universally valid and objectively true. I  argue that they provide no path to certain truth but only to perspectives that can be justified only by a set of presuppositions internal to themselves. This does not necessarily mean that they do not offer us universal truth that is objectively valid but only that their methods provide no guarantee of having done so.

The conclusion of the matter is that there is no way of acquiring moral truth that is the way. There are only multiple ways that various communities employ. This is the fact, stubborn, irreducible, persistent, and ineradicable, that we must come to terms with in practical terms. By trying to stand where others stand, we may see some of what they see, and if others make an effort to look at things from our vantage point, they may discover what we are convinced of. Altogether we may grow in mutual appreciation and find widening circles of agreement while we continue to do what we must and believing what we cannot deny. 

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