Leatherstocking Community
Established July 2002

Leatherstocking Mobile Home Park, Inc.
Office: 2089 Doolittle Road, Sauquoit, NY 13456
Park Location: Rte. 168, Fulmer Creek Rd., Mohawk, NY 13407


    Leatherstocking Park was built in the mid-1960’s.  When we purchased the park in July of 2002 it needed several updates.  Since then we have been working on improvements to ensure that our tenants, their families, and guests enjoy a peaceful, clean, attractive, safe and secure environment.  Our park policies were initiated in order to accomplish these same goals.
    Fulmer Creek flows past the end of the park.  The sound of water can be very relaxing.  However, to protect our residents as well as the property, we installed 2 stream bank stabilization walls in 2003 and in 2007.
    We installed a bulletin board above our mailboxes to be used for information that our tenants need to know.  In order to continuously maintain a clean and sanitary environment we;           1) provide a dumpster every spring to be used exclusively by our residents and 2) provide weekly trash pickup.  These services are offered at no extra cost to our tenants.  In early spring, we annually resurface streets to repair from winter damage.  In addition, in late spring we have an annual Codes/Management inspection.  We believe the codes laws were designed for the protection and benefit of everyone. 
    Our community is also inspected by the NY State Health Department annually.  We are certified by the state to offer the highest quality drinking water.  We want our tenants to be informed about the quality of their water.  Therefore, we send each tenant an annual water quality report that outlines details about their water.  Furthermore since 2002, we have been installing new septic lines to each individual lot as they become available for updates.
    Not only is it important to have a sanitary environment, we feel it is equally important to have peace of mind.  For that reason, our park has an on-site manager who resides in the community.  With security in mind for all of our residents, we have a semi-annual inquiry as to who is residing in our park, what vehicles and pets are authorized to be there.  We screen each resident to make sure everyone has the kind of neighbor that we all would like to have.
    Another feature that is unique to our community is our vinyl fencing.  We realize that pets are special.  Therefore, if you need fencing to contain your pet, we provide white vinyl fencing at no cost.  If you enjoy the fresh smell of laundry that has been hung outside, we provide laundry stands as well.  We believe these kinds of amenities, provide security and attractiveness at the same time.
    We are located in the Mohawk School District about 3 and miles outside of the village of Mohawk  on Route 168.  The school bus comes into the park to pick up and drop off the children. We will eventually be installing speed bumps to provide even more safety, especially for the children.
    It is very important to us that our residents are well informed about every detail of their lease with us.  Our tenants know right down to the penny how much interest their security deposit has earned because we issue annual security deposit statements.
    If you have shopped around, compared dollar for dollar the services being offered, and decide you are interested in leasing a site in our community, give us a call at (315) 723-4270 or better yet, stop in and we can show you around.  We provide engineered gravel pads to accommodate whatever size home you will be setting up, will walk you through the process if needed, and again at no extra cost.


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