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Why is E-UAE so cool on VmwAROS

AmigaTalk: is a version of Little Smalltalk (V1.0 by Tim Budd) that allows the Amiga programmer to experiment with the Smalltalk language. Little Smalltalk should in no way be construed to be a complete or compatible Smalltalk dialect.

This Last version (2.7) fixes some minor installation script problems. See the included .readme file for other improvements. Since I'm now working on porting AmigaTalk to Linux, there will be no further development on this program. I'm sure that there are probably some major bugs hidden in it somewhere (you try & keep track of what's going on at three different language interfaces, spread over 50 different source files, written & tested on only one model of the target hardware, let's see how well you do!).

One of the design goals behind AmigaTalk is to be able to access all of the operating system functions (which are contained in shared libraries). This means that if you DO NOT KNOW what you're doing, you can do some serious damage to your stored data, freeze the OS, or BOTH!

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