The Advisors Home Page: Lynyrd Skynyrd finds Nirvana in Rochester, New York

Six years ought to be enough time for a rock band to decide what it wants to sound like. The members pick a genre and go with it. Or else. The Advisors ignore this bullet-proof wisdom to create a quadrophenic musical experience combining:
  • Southern and Texas rock from Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet to the Allman and Vaughan Brothers
  • Modern rock from Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam, to Collective Soul and Better than Ezra
  • Classic rock from Jimi Hendrix and Grand Funk, to Van Morrison and Badfinger
  • Original songs in all of these styles.
Did You Ever Wonder?
Is classic rock good for anything besides selling cars, athletic shoes, and fast food to baby boomers? How does a public access cable TV show featuring naked women licking chocolate syrup off each other's bodies relate to the American system of public education? Who are those people in the grey van parked across the street and why are they watching you?
Big Crowd
In their search for the answers, the Advisors suspend the laws of musical gravitation and repulsion. Warping the time and space of 30 years of rock into a coherent singularity, the Advisors will rock you, whatever way you wear your cap.
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