How it started!! An email
I have been researching this mysterious ribbon for quite some time without success.
Ribbons are not my area of expertise but I had thought the unusual horizontal banding and aircraft (B-29 ?)
should have made it easy to spot among the incredible number of ribbons to sort through.
I have been told by local Militaria vendors it is obsolete Civil Air Patrol, but they could not say when it was awarded or what it represented.
It is a pin back with two prongs. 1.375" x 0.525"
Do you recognize it?
Can you point me toward someone who might be able to identify it?
Thank You for you attention and consideration.
Appreciatively yours,
Karl Esch

My Reply
This is what as known as a sweetheart ribbon that Families with members serving would wear in support of them.
I have it labeled as a WWII B-29 Crewman Combat Service Ribbon.

see chart for examples-

There are many others that I do not show on my web site.
I had one of these with 2 stars that I got in Portland, Or. many years ago but downsized what I collect so no longer have it.

Hi Reply
Mr. Bush,
I have received a more complete history of the red and white ribbon with a B-29 silhouette I inquired about.
See the very informative reply from the Director of the Center for
Civil Air Patrol History below.
His information also explains why these ribbons are prevalent in Oregon and Washington.
I thought you would appreciate this information also.
Karl Esch
Portland, Oregon

Good Evening Sir,

I have identified this ribbon for you. This is a Boeing employee merit ribbon awarded quarterly for attendance at 96.5% or better, given out quarterly at the Seattle and Renton plants. The aircraft portrayed is the B-29. The program was announced in Boeing News newsletter, May 3, 1945 (attached). The silver stars were issue for successive quarter of good attendance, and gold stars for perfect attendance.

Very Respectfully,

Col Frank A. Blazich, Jr., CAP  
Director, Col Louisa S. Morse Center for CAP History
National Historian Emeritus
PhD, History
202-750-1943 (Morse Center)
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

See web site for further information, as of 02/2020