List of CAP Ribbons made in Plastic
Blue Cadet Training Ribbon (Plastic) 
White Cadet Training Ribbon (Plastic) 
Red Cadet Training Ribbon (Plastic) 
Silver Medal of Valor (Plastic)
Bronze Medal of Valor (Plastic)
Distinguished Service Medal (Plastic)
Exceptional Service Award (Plastic)
Meritorious Service Award (Plastic)
National Commanders Citation (Plastic)
Unit Citation Award (Plastic)
Gill Robb Wilson Award (Plastic)
Aerospace Award (Plastic)
Leadership Award (Plastic)
ECI Training (Plastic)
Extension Course Institute Award (Plastic)
Membership Award (Plastic)
Certificate of Proficiency (Plastic)
Frank Borman Falcon Award (Plastic)
Gen Carl A. Spaatz Award (Plastic)
Ameila Earhart Award (Plastic)
Gen Billy Mitchell Award (Plastic)

Dr. Robert Goddard Award (Plastic) 
Gen Jimmy Doolittle Achievement (Plastic)
Charles A. Lindbergh Achievement (Plastic)
Capt Eddie Rickenbacker Achievement (Plastic)
Wright Brothers Award (Plastic)
Gen Hap Arnold Achievement (Plastic)
Gen J F Curry Achievement (Plastic)
Red Service (Plastic)
White Service (Plastic)
Blue Service (Plastic)
Search "Find" (Plastic)
Search and Rescue (Plastic)
National Search and Rescue Training
 Civil Defense (Plastic) 

Civil Defense w/Silver Disc (Plastic)
 Disaster Relief 
(Plastic)-same as above without disc
 IACE (Plastic)
Cadet Advisory Council (Plastic)
Cadet Special Activities (Plastic)
Encampment-Old (Plastic)
Encampment-New (Plastic)
Senior Recruiter (Plastic)
Cadet Recruiter (Plastic)
Special Activities (Plastic)
Cadre (Plastic)
Federal Aviation Agency Orientation Scholarship (FAAOS) (Plastic)
National CAP Summer Flying Encampment (Plastic)
Region/Wing Flying Encampment (Plastic)
Girls Exchange (Plastic)
National Drill Competition (Plastic)
International Drill Competition (Plastic)
Jet Age Orientation Scholarship (Plastic)
Jet Orientation Scholarship (Plastic)
Organizer (Plastic)
Space Age Orientation Scholarship (Plastic)
Antisubmarine Coastal Patrol (Plastic)     
Southern Liaison Patrol (Plastic)     
Tow-Target and Tracking (Plastic)     
Courier Service (Plastic)     
Forest Patrol (Plastic)     
Missing Aircraft Search (Plastic)