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Bill, Cheryl, Madelyn & Hannah

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Welcome to our site.  I am in the process of updating everything on here.
Feel free to look around to see what we have to offer.
The Wittman Genealogy Page  is fairly large and will take a little more
time to update.

We recently added a Wii to the family, so we have all been enjoying that
a lot.  The games are very interactive and myself personally, I like the Wii
fit that Cheryl had purchased also.  All of it definitely gets you up and off
of the couch to have fun and exercise.

 In 2008 I was given a Bolens G152 diesel 15 hp tractor.  Since then I have
been locating parts and collecting information about it.  I have started a
page here under hobbies to show my collection and help direct others to
even more available information out there.