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Sons of Norway collects used stamps of all types to send to Tubfrim. In the U.S. mail your used stamps to Pat DeRoche, Washington Lodge, 112 Louisa Beall LN, Charles Town, WV, 25414-4917. Pat will trim and sort the stamps, and send them on to New Jersey where they will be shipped to Norway from Newark airport at very low cost.


Link to Pat's Faller Family Page 


Link to Bill's Solem Family Page

This is not an active web site. There is an active web site but it is requires a password. Contact me if you are interesed.

Link to Bill's DeRoche Family Page

At some point in time, I will do more on this site. I am interested in any one who has a DeRoche connection especially from Canada.

The Beallair Estate Historical Web Site

I have created a web site about the history of the Beallair Estate in West Virginia



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