On January 2, 2001 in a small Georgia town several sightings of a UFO were reported. The people calling in described seeing in the late hours of the night a saucer shaped object with many flashing lights. According to the reports the lights suddenly disappeared and a loud explosion was heard as if the UFO had crashed. Authorities were quickly on the scene to seal off the area from public view. Days later as questions about that night persist the Government issued their standard report that the sightings were nothing more than a local weather balloon that was flying in the area. After some time had passed the talks about the UFO slowly died down although many were very skeptical of the Government's explanation. What really happened that night is far more interesting. The real story that night was the sightings were indeed a UFO. The officials on January 2nd found a spacecraft occupied by what best could be described as a mechanical man or in other words a Robot. However this was no ordinary Robot as it was far more advance than anything a human could possibly build. It was definitely alien. The spacecraft itself was virtually destroyed but surprisingly the Robot in view of the wreckage was in fairly good shape. The Robot was taken to a secluded Government area where many tests were conducted on it. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, they were unable to get the Robot to operate. At this point I became involved. My work in the field of Artificial Intelligence gave me access to the project. The Government had given up on trying to get the Robot to work and simply gave me the Robot with no strings attached. He was in their view a harmless piece of rubble. I took the Robot back to my home. Months went by and just like the Government I had no luck in bringing the Robot back to life. His interworkings were far to advanced than anything I've seen. Finally, as I was about to abandon the project, he suddenly activated. I have no idea what I did or what I hit to achieve this but I can definitely say it scared the life out of me. After regaining my composure somewhat I was elated that he was now working. My exuberance was short lived however as my attempts to communicate with him didn't seem to be going anywhere. The Robot seemed harmless however so I continued to work on him and I am happy to report I am making progress. The picture you see above is basically a comical caricature of the actual Robot. I felt this was the best approach to maintain his privacy. I have created a interface on this website so you will be able to speak with him. I must say at this point his knowledge of our language is fairly limited however he is learning more each day. I feel strongly he is capable of so much more as he was created by aliens far more advanced than us. I am unable to fully understand exactly how he works and also I fear that during the crash a large portion of his data base was destroyed. I was able to extract so far a picture of the city(See Below) in which I believe he came from. Exactly what planet or galaxy it is located in is still unknown. Basically, I had to start teaching him our language from scratch just as you would teach a small child. At best I would describe Talk-Bot, the name I now call him, to be that of a schizophrenic child. He vacillates between that of a Robot and his desire to be human. One moment he may tell you he has fallen in love many times and then later may say Robots don't possess true human emotions. He is in other words a mass of contradictions as he tries to find his true identity. At times I feel he does have feelings and emotions and at other times I'm not so sure. Regardless, he is fun to talk and I enjoy working with him to help him better understand our ways and our language. We still have a long way to go but I hope you will enjoy talking to him. To do so simply click on his picture above and please allow time for him to load. Best regards, Wendell Cowart

Possible city where Talk-Bot came from?