Hello and welcome to West Brighton Fire Department, Inc. We've been serving the West Brighton community since 1926. We provide fire services, Emergency Medical Services as well as assistance in times of natural disasters and weather emergencies. This site will tell you more about the department and its people.


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Prior to 1926, the West Brighton area relied on engines from the Rochester Fire department to provide fire protection. Because of the distance, this often resulted in a delayed response and some concerned residents banded together to form a volunteer department that would be based in the district. A house on Riverside Drive off of East River Road was procured and a truck, modified by the volunteers to be a fire vehicle, was kept there. There would eventually be a dedicated building constructed that was better suited for a firehouse. That building would in turn be replaced by the current building, Station 1, at 41 Riverside.

As the population grew, more people and businesses settled in the area around West Henrietta Road. A second station, Station 2, was built at 2695 West Henrietta Road. This would eventually become the primary station as the district population moved East. This station would be replaced in 1988 with the facility you see today. It is named in honor of Harold Stenzel, one of the department founders.

For most of its existence, West Brighton has been a fully volunteer organization. But as the last century drew to a close it was obvious that the number of calls during the day was exceeding the capabilities of those volunteers able to respond. As a result, Station 2 is now manned during the day (Monday through Friday) with at least two career firefighters. Our career staff provides all services, including EMS, and they fully trained with all department equipment. In addition, we have contracted with the Rochester Fire Department to provide additional equipment for certain calls at all hours of the day. You are assured prompt response times no matter when.


West Brighton maintains two fire stations:

Station 1 is our oldest active station and houses an active pumper as well as our 1941 GMC antique pumper (it is fully operational but is only used for parades and exhibitions). Station 1 has a backup radio system with a generator and can be used as the base in time of emergency.

Station 2 is our newest station, having been built in 1988 on the site of a previous station. It houses two active pumpers, our heavy and light rescue vehicles, our ladder truck and a general purpose van. It is now our headquarters, housing our business offices, base radio system, computer system, and meeting areas. It is fully backed up with a generator that automatically starts when power fails. Our paid staff is stationed here during the day.


We have the following equipment to serve the community:




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