US Army Nike AA Missile Base
Bristol, Rhode Island

More pictures found in the archives

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Red Canyon Range Camp ... 1958 ASP

.         SPC3  Leroy Cox                    Launcher crew ... MSGT Henderson on left
.              others unknown.

June 1962  McGregor Range, NM

SGT Kenneth Mort   IFC Section Chief               Roy Lichte   TTR Operator

         Leroy Cox  TTR Operator                           MSGT Wade H. Holt   IFC Mech

SFC Carey   IFC Platoon SGT            MSGT Yergen  IFC Mech & temporary 1st SGT
                                                                         (drove a Studebaker Golden Hawk)

L to R ... MSGT Wade Holt, CWO Walter
Raymond, others unknown

L to R ...  Oldrich Nesladek, Leroy Cox, Ron Gelinas .. others unknown


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