US Army Nike AA Missile Base
Bristol, Rhode Island

Photos from Jerry Daugherty

Jerry Daugherty gate guard at the IFC area

Bristol's Elite Honor Guard!

L to R     Picon, Wayne Sanborn, Jerry Daugherty and Sgt Kenneth Mort
Note: mint 1955 Buick in background was Jerry's ... also ...
way in back of Sanborn's hat in the photo is Ron Gelinas'
silver and white Austin-Healy Roadster.

June 1962 in Texas

back row:  L to R   Roy Lichte, Sgt Ken McDermott, Oldrich Nesladek, Joe Barker
front row             Wayne Sanborn, Sgt Ken Mort, Jerry Daugherty, Charles Smith

June 1962 in Texas

back row:  L to R    Picon, Charles Smith, Sgt Ken McDermott, unknown,
unknown, Sgt. Ken Mort, unknown
front row              Heimer, Wayne Sanborn, Jerry Daugherty, Joe Barker



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