US Army Nike AA Missile Base
Bristol, Rhode Island

Photo from Carl Woida

Narrative and certificate by Glenn Meigel

The black and white photo is from 24 Feb 1973, and I recall it was the night of the same day we had an all-day DCE (Defense Combat Evaluation) on site. The Bristol Train of Artillery was hosting/ honoring the battery downtown Bristol at a hall (not sure exactly where) for continued support and contributions to the Bristol community, and to cement our good relations. This organization is (still) an historical and paramilitary group which has been in existence since the Revolutionary War.  Some background is at:

It was a formal affair with dinner, speeches, presentations, etc., hence our Dress Blues. All battery officers were invited; it was a "command performance" and we all went and had a good time, so… left to right, Pauline Lynch (IFC CW2 Paul Lynch was in fact Duty Officer that night), Ruth and LCA CW2 Carl Woida (I believe Joe Munguia had PCS'd by then), Mrs. & COL William R.D. Jones, 24th ADA Group Commander, Coventry, RI (our Battery reported directly to Group and any Battalion we had was deactivated before I ever got to Bristol), CPT Glenn Meigel & Regina (then dating), Kathy and Launcher Platoon Leader 1LT Ray Miller (in rear), and Terry and IFC Platoon Leader 1LT Rick Seaman (front). I was appointed an honorary Major in the BTA at this dinner but, unfortunately, it didn't carry any weight with the staff Majors at Group HQ.

(Glenn's BTA certificate below)


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