An insight into the enigmatic Ed Thelen, undisputed King of Nike Facts & Trivia on the Internet. Certain allowances have been made here to accommodate him. You know how them "Enjineers" are. :>)) jp

Hmmmm - a bio - you asked for "a little bio" -
Ah good, that means I can
- leave out all the disgraceful stuff
- leave in only the hero/intellectual stuff.

That would be a very little bio -
maybe nothing at all other than my name.
OK - lets try it anyway - 

A "short" autobiography of (bring up the sound of trumpets) ta ta - ta ta
Ed Thelen
Executive Summary of Ed Thelen
A proposed script for "Dilbert" by Scott Adams
- Lady says to Dilbert, "Say something romantic." 
- Dilbert (Ed Thelen) says "Kepler discovered the paths of the planets." 
- Lady thinks "I wish I remembered Clinton's telephone number." 
My kids are about as old as I was when I started to lie about my age.
(A primarily farming community of 7,000 in the 1930s and still is.)

- Mom was "stay at home", a farm girl with college degree, had taught math
- both above knew the meaning of "hard work - physical labor"
- gave our food to the "out-of-work" in the 1930s
("Out-of-work" seemed the only option for many good people at that time.)

- I have a sister, two years younger, but faster, bigger, smarter than me :-((
(Are sisters designed to torment brothers?) (I catch up with sister about age 15.)

- I was the high school science whiz, - a complete nerd - glasses, braces, and all -
(My high school class was 155
- didn't need a nose ring and spikey green hair to be recognised ;-))

- Summers mostly spent on family farm, mostly not working hard
I now think of myself as a farm boy and super-techie
- there has got to be a better way!
The teachers seemed glad to see me leave
I guess that was nice and friendly. .
See www.ed-thelen.org
but now I are a enjineer :-))
especially not my bosses.
Folks have a right to privacy you know!!
(Actually a computer programmer in industry, had seen enough of government.)
Why are my feet stuck in thick mud?? - It is thick mud isn't it??
most women seem to prefer jerks like Clinton
maybe right distance.
The idea that I am not totally dependent upon the government Social Security system seems to horrify some of my liberal friends - who seem to think that the government should be "the Great White Father in Washington" to us all, not just the tormented Native Americans.
- (Ya know, we ought to redefine marriage, like we are redefining everything else. People expect too much - we aren't like the beaver couples or farm couples going out two-by-two to set up house in some remote region - and trying to struggle against nature and do a family together as long term partners.
We ought to face that we are now city people - and do change partners about as fast as we change cars or houses. We ought to tell kids early "This is your Temporary Daddy - soon Temporary Daddy and I will have a big fight or get bored - we will make a hell of a mess - then I might get you another Temporary Daddy.
"Yeh, I know that Temporary Daddies tend to mistreat their Temporary Kids, but he's got such cute buns. And I just know that he won't get drunk and beat me like he did that other woman. And he promised me not to do drugs anymore if I let him move in with us. If that doesn't work out I can get the county to help pay the bills and the child care. We will see what works."
That way kids know what to expect, and might not be so shattered. We should recognize that with DNA testing we can figure out who made who, and not expect the liberated women to hang out with just one guy - just so some guy isn't stuck with supporting somebody else's kid. Time to face reality.)
(The above is not necessarily personal experience, but I've watched a lot of unpleasantness and needless sadness.
If we just remember that we are just silly ducks quacking and dancing around the pond, and not the serious, studious geese nearby, we should all feel better.)
Same sex marriage? - Ya just gotta be kidding - I think all marriage should probably be outlawed.
Or maybe the Muslim idea is realistic - one party repeats "I divorce thee" three or four times and "thee" is outta there. In "Western" countries the effect is about the same except it takes a few months and the lawyers and accountants get into the act - for what reason? So that the lawyers and accountants can get a cut out of the deal? (I have no idea what the Muslims do about any kids involved.)
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