Photo: Al Reed 1957


The Target Tracking Radar operator is aligning the reticule on his telescope to the reticule on the MTR telescope. The identical procedure as outlined with photo AR-13 with the exception that the TTR is not rotated in azimuth or plunged in elevation. The telescope is mounted in its normal configuration. SP2 Mac Donald is observing a dial on the Azimuth Drive unit to insure that both the MTR & TTR have the same Azimuth readings. The Azimuth Drive Equipment Enclosure door is open. The protected compartment to the left of SP2 Mac Donald houses a Modulator tube, a bank of charging capacitors and a High Voltage Transformer whose output is 18,000 volts which is applied to the cathode of a magnetron. Elevation and Azimuth drive motors and high power servo amplifiers are enclosed here also.