Photo: Al Reed 1957


A Missile Tracking Radar operator is in the process of running a back-to-back check with the Azimuth operator at the Target Tracking Radar. This term is called an "Orientation Check." The MTR has been rotated 180 degrees in Azimuth and plunged 90 degrees in Elevation and the telescope has been reversed in the telescope mount. This places the telescope on the same
side of the antenna as that of the Target Tracking Radar. A white cross reticule is attached to the face of his telescope. The operator, using a Remote Control box carefully and precisely aligns his telescope with the white reticule mounted on the telescope at the Target Tracking Radar. I may note here that the three leg assemblies supporting the radar are leveled every morning, prior to sunrise. The level of the two tracking radars, relative to each other, is extremely critical.