Photo: M. Elliott 1955


By January 1955 the camp was rapidly growing. Metal pre-fab Butler Buildings replaced most of the tents where the men lived. However, tents were still in use in the motor pool (bottom of photo) and the admin. area at the top. The mess hall was completed and is marked with a yellow dot. The long building below and slightly to the left is the 42-head shower facility, using water trucked in from Carrizozo. Several eight-hole outhouses were spaced around the camp. Many worn out old travel trailers were parked at the top right for use as BOQs. They were worse than the old tents. The road in the foreground goes to the front gate to the right, down range to the left. A baseball diamond is at the intersection of that road and "D" Ave. (really!) going up the hill in the center. All roads were little more than trails but they were named either a street or avenue. Cartographers name everything.