Pepper - Tootie - Assi - Birdy

 Imagine if you will, a dog that is multiply-faceted in every positive way imaginable for a dog.. endearing, courageous, alert, loving, high-spirited, uncannily intuitive, and focused on you.. and now picture that dog in a handy size, a "pint-sized" pixie called a Swedish Vallhund. "Faster than a speeding bullet" and effervescently nimble, these dwarf-like wolves will steal your heart away.

A rare breed that originated in Västergötland, Sweden, and came to recognition and restoration there in the 1940's. In the 1980's a few were imported to the United States and today there are only about a half a dozen known breeders here. Categorically they are a Spitz breed. They have also been referred to as "primitives," because they have some qualities similar to the Wolf, and because their background has been traced back to the Viking era. They make wonderful herding and agility athletes and an all around loving family member.

When I became interested in this unique breed that reminded me of tiny German Shepherd Dogs, I soon learned that this Rare Breed was indeed scarce! Eventually I was led to the idea of the importation of these five from Sweden, with a plan of eventually breeding my own. They are called Västgötaspets in Sweden. I was also infatuated with the idea of a little doggy from my paternal grandmother's homeland, Sweden. Her name was Charlotte Marie [Larson] Eklund.

These "furry little people" as I call them, are irresistibly charming and your life will be delightfully changed by their presence.

May I introduce them to you:


 Tootie - Pepper - Lobo - Birdy - Assi

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