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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hanging Feeder

Someone wrote Jack Hubley, asked what they can do about squirrels. Jack said, if you have a bird feeder, you pretty much are going to have squirrels! He said, you may as well enjoy them! He showed a video of a squirrel, flying around on a stick, that was mounted on a spring. That was a home made squirrel feeder, and looking around on line, I didn't see anything close to it. I did see some interesting feeders, though. I sort of liked the squirrel under glass, and there was a twirl a squirrel. My favorite was a squirrel bungee. You hang an ear of corn on the end, and watch squirrels bounce around on it. I ordered the bungee from Doctors Foster and Smith, along with some of their Big Ol Kobs.

When I went out to clean the birdbath this evening, I saw a downy in the tree. It was chirping away, hopping from branch to branch around the tree. I got the camera, and stood out there for about 5 minutes, waiting for it to go to the suet feeder. When it finally did, it kept the feeder between us so I couldn't get a pic. I did get a shot of it in the tree, and it turned out to be a male. This is the first that I knew for sure that there is a male.

After a couple of days at the new feeder, the Birdcam caught quite a few of my favorite birds. A dove, a goldfinch posing, two titmice, five goldfinch, the male cardinal, and another titmouse. This pic everybody is on the lookout! When I filled this feeder, I figured I would see more chickadees than ever. Turned out, I only got one good pic.

Posted by Dave at 5:56 PM