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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Heat On!

Skip identified the New Visitor as a carolina wren. After checking the guides, I believe Skip is correct. There was a recent BirdNote about LBB. Little Brown Birds are difficult to tell apart, especially for a novice like me. I won't be going to their Seattle seminar, however!

One day this week the forecast was calling for the temp to be around freezing. I figured the birdbath would be OK, maybe I'd see a bit of ice floating around. See the male cardinal contemplating the ice. I don't think the goldfinch has ever seen this before! I'm not sure, but I think the HOSP is ice skating. Even the doves can walk on it. When I saw the pics, I plugged in the heater! It warmed up since that day, but the temp is supposed to be below freezing several days this week.

Since I pulled the ice pics, it mostly rained, and the batteries died in the Wingscapes camera. I didn't get any other pics, except for my favorite female.

I checked the web cam (user- nhpa pass- birder) several times at work this week. Most times I at least saw a HOSP or HOFI, but the throughput was not too great. I tried turning on compression, and set it to various levels, but I ended up turning it off- it didn't help much, and made the quality even worse. I did note that, the picture looked much better during the first half of the day, because of the lighting. The camera has a manual aperture, and I have to find a happy medium between over and under exposure. I do have an outdoor enclosure, and I am thinking about moving the camera outside. I believe that would make a big improvement in the quality.

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