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Sunday, September 07, 2008


The hummingbirds started their migration, so any that visit my feeder would not be local. I didn't realize that they would start so soon! I will keep the feeders up until I am sure they will have all passed by here. I will wait until next year to decide if I will try again to attract them, but right now I'm thinking, why bother? By the way, when I was taking the feeders in to clean them, I heard an eagle call. It was frustrating! I could hear it several times, and it seemed to be moving away from me, but I couldn't spot it.

Since I had not seen a single image of a bird at the hummingbird feeder, I moved the Wingscapes camera and pointed it at the birdbath. The robins loved the birdbath, but I haven't seen any of them for weeks. I was curious to see what is splashing all the water out of the birdbath. I should have known! See them here and here. They do look like they are having fun.

We got two inches of rain from Hanna, but it wasn't enough to stop my downy!

I knew some species of birds are supposed to be able to identify individual people, but this post in rec.birds, from Jerry Avins, sort of grabbed my attention:

"I once raised a pigeon from dropper feeding to release. A year later, a pigeon of the same coloring peeled out of a high-flying flock and landed on my shoulder."


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