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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Outside my living room window, I have hummingbird, tube, oriole, and suet feeders. The hummer and oriole feeders have seen no action at all, and the other two have seen very little of late. I didn't understand why the tube feeder wasn't seeing any birds. I was watching my web cam, when I saw a cat run around the tree and pounce on a bird sitting in the bush. Luckily, it missed. I have tried everything here. The Cat Stop didn't work. The Water Scarecrow would, except I cannot use it there. The only thing left is to put up a fence. I hate to do it, but what else is there to try? The fence idea is, the cat has to jump over the fence, alerting the bird to danger. I have some chicken wire and posts, so I will try and put it up this weekend.

This past weekend I wanted to put up the trellises and plant the cypress vines. Friday I switched from Dish Network to Direct TV. I got an HD DVR and free Starz and Showtime. Well, cypress vine doesn't like cold, and we can still get a frost, so I put it off until this weekend. :) Did I really need another reason to sit around and watch TV??

The activity in the other yard remains about the same. The feeder and birdbath are in the open, a cat cannot pounce on them. I have moved the Wingscapes camera from the birdbath, back to the feeder. I hope something new shows up, I am tired of looking at the same old, same old!

Posted by Dave at 7:00 PM
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