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Saturday, March 22, 2008


I received some nice captures from folks viewing the Downy Cam. I had hoped to find distinguishing features on these captures, but the resolution isn't good enough. So I tried zooming the camera in a little. It was really good timing! I finished adjusting the zoom and walked to the other computer. It took what, 10 seconds? I see a bird sitting on top of the suet cage. So I walked back and aimed the camera a little higher so I could try and get a capture. But what for kind of bird is that? I looked through the guides, but I didn't see anything that looked quite right. My best guess was a mockingbird, but the body seemed too round, the chest color seemed off, and I couldn't find any pic of a mocker perched like that. Fortunately, it came back. I was able to have a much better look at it, and now I am 99% sure that it s a northern mockingbird. Anyway, I think it is a pipe dream to hope to identify individual downys, even with the higher zoom. After I get a few pics I might zoom back out.

In addition to the starlings, cowbirds and the mocker that showed up this week, I also saw a blue jay. The Wingscapes camera caught a few images of the blue jay, but they were not very good. Some people have reported seeing robins, but I haven't seen any so far this season.

I bought a hummer feeder, and plan to put it out in a couple of weeks. I know they require a lot of care, and I wasn't planning on buying one, but I had a moment of weakness. :) I might plant some bushes or vines to attract hummers, because I don't feel real optimistic about attracting any, otherwise.

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