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Thursday, March 06, 2008

My Eagles

A friend came up to me at work today and said, 'I see your eagles made the paper.' Hmm? I thought perhaps he was talking about the pro football team? But he was talking about a pair of bald eagles nesting just outside of New Holland! Who knew? I thought you would only find them near a river. Here is a link to the story.

I received the new seed storage containers. They are pretty much what I was hoping for. They are the same thing that I use to fill the feeders, only much larger! I got two of them, and I was able to put almost all my seeds in them. I have some BOSS( black oiler sunflower seeds) that I didn't mix in. I don't plan to buy anymore of them, once I've use them up. I found a good local source of sunflower hearts, and a shelled mix, which I plan to use from now on.

Skip is on the ball! He sent me a couple more captures of the downys. Here is one. I have been seeing more of them lately, but I still think there is only one pair. Be nice to see two males, or two females, at the same time! Update! Skip caught a downy in flight! See it here.

edit- Note to self, do not put apostrophes in URLs!

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