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Saturday, February 09, 2008


I really do not understand birds! Yesterday, when I got home from work, I did not see any birds at any of the feeders. I kept an eye on them, but none showed up. They usually do, after I walk near the feeders. It did sort of seem like there is still something feeding on the store bought suet, but the homemade suet appeared untouched. Today I looked at the Suet Cam, and be darned if there wasn't a downy on the woodpecker treat! Before I had a chance to react, it flew over to the store bought suet. I quick hit the Capture button, but I was installing an update to the PDF reader, and my system was slow as molasses. I did not get the capture. But, since it appears to still be feeding, I WILL get a pic sometime!

I saw both male and female cardinals, as well as a nuthatch and flocks of sparrows. It sure was good to see all the activity after seeing none yesterday

Posted by Dave at 11:56 AM
Categories: Backyard Birding