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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Web Cam Update

The web cam has limited resources, so I have password protected it. To view the web cam, use the following settings- user: nhpa pass: birder This will give ten minutes of viewing time. There are two web cams available on the weather page, and these are not limited, nor password protected.

Activity at the feeders seems to have dropped off some. They have cleaned up the lot next door, and I wonder if that is the reason? Anyway, I have seen some new birds, but I could not identify them without a pic. One landed close by, while I was replacing the bulb in my dusk to dawn light. It sort of reminded me off a blue jay, but I really don't know what it was. I hope to someday be better at recognizing these guys, but for now I have to take a pic of them, then compare that to photos in the birder guides.

Speaking of jays, I had a pair in my yard a couple of years ago. When I mowed the yard they dive bombed me! After the first couple of times I got used to them, although I'm sure they did not get used to me.

Edit I just saw a thread on rec.birds, and others are reporting their visitors dropped off, too.

1/14/08 New URL for the web cam.

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