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Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Is For The Birds

The birds made out pretty good for Christmas. I guess no one knew what to get for me, so they bought gifts for them. (My back up computer went belly up, I could use a new hard drive.) Anyway, THEY got a birdhouse made of seed, and a Nyjer feeder with a large bag of Nyjer seed. They also got a forty pound sack of mixed seed, which is mostly sunflower seeds. My mother was going to get me a forty pound sack of Black Oil Sunflower seeds, but she got the Nyjer stuff, instead.
You can just barely see the Nyjer feeder here, hanging from a branch on the tree. The birdhouse is hanging from the suet feeder, here.
You will need to use the name nhpa, nhpa1, nhpa2 or nhpa3 and the pass is 'birder'.
I got copious amounts of candy, cookies and doughnuts. Just what I need! After eating all that, the tires on my bicycles will blow out!
I added a counter, provided by my ISP. I had tried it before, but it didn't update. I think it is working now. It seems to be a good one, reloading the page does not increment it.
Edit: I believe it does not catch the RSS feeds.
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