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Monday, December 10, 2007


This summer, while I was riding bicycle, I saw a pair of small, bright yellow birds. A couple of weeks later I saw another pair. Both times they were sitting on a fence rail, but they were many miles apart. I now know that they were American Goldfinch. This weekend I was trying to get some better pictures of my pair of cardinals, and I saw this little one I looked in the Field Guide To Birds In Pa, and figured it was an American Goldfinch. But I wasn't sure because, it doesn't look anything like the ones I saw this summer! I asked for help from the rec.birds newsgroup and they agreed that it is a Goldfinch.

All summer I had a pair of doves in my yard, but I hadn't seen them lately. Sunday when I got up, I spotted six of them sitting in my yard! See them here.

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