Outliers Questions #3 [Pg. 161-223]

1. Why would the events of Harlan County not have seemed unusual if looked at from a broader context?



2. How does Gladwell define a "culture of honor"?



3. What does David Hackett Fischer argue about the waves of Britsh migration in the first 150 years of the U.S.?



4. What was so important about the word "asshole" in the study done at the University of Michigan?



5. What is Gladwell's theory about how plane crashes and industrial disasters happen?



6. What distinctions does Gladwell draw between Ratwatte and Klotz?



7. What is "mitigated speech"?



8. What are the six different levels of mitigation for captians and officers in the cockpit?



9. To what do aviation experts attribute the extraordinary decline in airline accidents in recent years?



10. What was the fatal miscommunication that doomed the Avianca flight?



11. What country is the top of the individualism scale that Geert Hofsted devised?



12. What is the Power Distance Index?



13. What were the three factors that combined to down the plane that was flying into Guam?



14. How many forms of conversational address are there in the Korean Language? What are they?



15. What is the difference between "transmitter orientation" and "receiver orientation"?