Outliers Questions #2 [Pg. 69-160]

1. Why did Christopher Langan think that his high IQ might be detrimental to doing well on the game show 1 vs. 100?



2. What is special about the IQ score of 120?



3. What was psychologist Barry Schwartz's idea for reforming college admissions?



4. What is a divergence test?



5. Why did Chris Langan say a Harvard professorship might not be the best thing for him?



6. What did Robert Oppenheimer do that caused him to be put on probation by Cambridge?



7. What does Gladwell suggest Oppenheimer had that Chris Langan didn't?



8. What terms does Lareau use to compare middle-class parenting styles to the parenting styles of poor parents?



9. What advantage did Joe Flom obtain by taking anything that came through the door as opposed to being hired by the old-line firms that did corporate law?



10. What does Gladwell suggest is the reason for the greater number of failures among "Terman's geniuses" who were born between 1903-1911?



11. What is a "demographic trough" and how did it help Ted Friedman?



12. What item did Louis Borgenicht seize upon to make his fortune and what point does Gladwell illustrate in telling his story?



13. What is "meaningful work" as Gladwell defines it?



14. What impact did the meaningful work have on the offspring of Jewish immigrants?



15. What demographic similarity did all the major partners at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz share?