Outliers Questions #1 [Pg. 3-89]

1. Why was Stewart Wolf interested in Roseto?



2. What did Wolf find was the reason for Roseto's outlier status?



3. Using Roseto as an example, what did Wolf try to inform the medical establishment of?



4. What does Gladwell say is really at the heart of success instead of individual effort and grit?



5. Why is a January birth date important for a Canadian hockey player's success?



6. In what three other areas does Gladwell find the same relationship as hockey regarding preferential birth date?



7. What does Gladwell suggest is the real relationship between innate talent and preparation in personal success?



8. What did Ericsson find was the greatest contributing factor in differentiating the excellent, from the good, from the average violinists at the Berlin Academy of Music?



9. What is important about the figure of 10,000 hours?



10. To what does Gladwell attribute Bill joy's success as a computer programmer?



11. To what does Gladwell attribute The Beatles' success?



12. To what does Gladwell attribute Bill Gates's success?



13. What does Gladwell Say is extraordinary about the list of hstory's wealthiest people?



14. What was so important about 1975?



15. What intersting correlation did Gladwell point out between birth years and mega-success in the computing industry?