Extra Credit Options

Final Description
Final A "I Have A Dream" by Thomas Friedman | Reflections on Politics and Elian Gonzalez
Final B "The Magic Mountain" by Paul Krugman | Globalization and the World Economic Forum at Davos
Final C "The Moral Sense in Estate Tax Repeal" by Alan Wolfe | The case for repealing estate taxes
Final E "Jubilee 2000: Paying Our Debts" by Robert W Edgar | Is there wisdom inforgiving some of the debt burden of developing nations?
Final F "Not Happening" by Thomas Friedman | Did the experiment in multi-ethnic Bosnia fail?
Final G "Failures of the 20th Century: See under IMF" by Gregory Palast | Are strategies for global economic growth undermining those countries they are supposed to be helping?
Final H "Investing in Children" by Bruce Ackerman and Anne Alstott | Former Prime Minister Tony Blair's third path between capitalism and socialism
Final K "Ask Not What . . ." by Thomas Friedman | The generation gap between the "Greatest Generation" and others. Should they be emulated?
Final L "Crime in the Suites" by William Greider | The Demise of Enron
Final M "The Unilateralist: A Conversation with Paul Wolfowitz" by James Fallows | Realpolitik and unilateral military intervention
Final N "Zero Sum Game Only Has Losers" by Naomi Chazan | The dilemma of the ordinary Israeli citizen
Final O "The Cycles of Financial Scandals" by Kevin Phillips | The effects of financialization on the American economy
Final P "The Latest Kissinger Outrage" by Christopher Hitchens | What should the legacy of Henry Kissinger be?
Final Q "Thinking About Iraq (3)" by Thomas Friedman | Should the US have brokered a deal for Saddam Hussein's exile?
Final R "Mr. Bush's Liberal Problem" by Nicholas Kristof | Are political leaders and movement's hampered by their idealism?
Final T "Stating the Obvious" by Paul Krugman | "Starving the Beast" through tax cuts
Final U "Promoting the General Welfare" by Molly Ivins | Tax Fairness in the US
Final W "Democracy, Not Off the Shelf" by William Raspberry | Is democracy a one-size-fits-all commodity?
Final X "Debtor Nation" by William Greider | Does the debt carried by the US suggest there should be a new general tarifon imports?
Final Y "The Invisible Hand Holds the Remote" by Robert Scheer | American moralism and hypocrisy when it comes to TV viewing habits.
Final Z "Where Have You Gone, Joe Dimaggio" by Thomas Friedman | Has the United States Lost its Competitive Edge?
Final AA "Tortured Reasoning" by Thomas Sowell | Should the United States categorically ban torture?
Final AB "The End of the Internet?" by Jeff Chester | Net Neutrality and Telecommunications Discrimination
Final AC "As Online Viewing Booms, The Amateurs Give Way to Big Media" by Scott Kirsner | Will Major Media outlets dominate online viewing?
Final AD "Reverse Exodus: High Tech Indian Immigrants Returning Home" by Mira Kamdar | Is a reverse brain drain hurting the US's ability to compete?
Final AE "Treating Money as Free Speech" by Nolan Bowie | Should all American citizens possess a trademark on all their personal information?
Final AF "The Long and Short of It at Goldman Sachs" by Ben Stein | Did Goldman Sachs act inappropriately on the cusp of the economic downturn in 2008?
Final AG "The Democratic Recession" by Thomas Friedman | The connection between petroleum wealth and democratic principles in the Midde East and beyond.
Final AH "They Get It" by Timothy Egan | Do relatively unsophisticated readers understand how manipulative media is?
Final AI "While Detroit Slept" by Thomas Friedman | Will car makers follow the business model of computer manufacturers?
Final AJ "Put Aside Logic" by Maureen Dowd | Americans should be willing to pay for online news content or they will source control and quality
Final AK "Human Nature Today" by David Brooks | Evolutionary Psychology and its potential impact on policy.
Final AL "An Innovation Agenda" by David Brooks | Ideas for how to kickstart innovation in the US.
Final AM "The Pink Floyd Night School" by Mark Edmundson | On taking time off when you're young before setting off on your life's ambitions.
Final AN "The Moral Naturalists" by David Brooks | Is morality hardwired in humans?
Final AO "Unjust Spoils" by Robert Reich | Economic injustice in the United States
Final AP "The Big Disconnect" by David Brooks | The public mood vis-a-vis the economic cycle.
Final AQ The Ways of Silencing" by Jason Stanley | The insidious strategy that right wing media uses to poison the information well.
Final AR "Intellectuals and Politics" by Gary Gutting | What kind of mental qualities should our political leaders have?
Final AS "Death of a Fairy Tale" by Paul Krugman | Confidence is a concept that is oversold in talking about the health of an economy
Final AT "Robots and Robber Barons" by Paul Krugman | Does the capitalist oligarchy need a middle class anymore?
Final AU "Student Debt and the Crushing of the American Dream" by Joseph Stiglitz | The impediment of student loans in achieving education.
Final AV "The Secular Society" by David Brooks | Is contemporary life more morally demanding?
Final AW "Can't We Do Better?" by Thomas Friedman | Motivation and education
Final AX "The Problem with Confidence" by David Brooks | Confidence and the Gender Gap — can too much confidence be a problem?