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Welcome to
Terrapin Acres!

The Amundson Family lives on 20 acres of rolling hills nestled in the
St Croix Valley of Minnesota.
We've been raising goats
since 1989.
Enjoy your virtual visit to our farm!

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Our Goats
Pet Goats

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does in field.gif (204192 bytes) Some of the herd enjoying our pastures.

Customer Support

We Are Dedicated To:

  • Raising Quality Goats for Home, Dairy and Show

  • Using the Best Foundation Stock to Produce Strong, Healthy, Long-Lived Goats

  • Striving to Improve Each Breed We Own

Our Family

The Amundson Family

--- Wayne, Carol and Viveka --
Plus assorted cats; kittens; poultry;
one Livestock Guard Dog (LGD) - Cutter;
and of course, the Goats.


Systems Analyst/MIS Manager
Tractor Operator
Chief Cook & Bottle Washer
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Goat Breeder
Medical Technologist
(not necessarily in that order)
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Prodigy Goat-keeper
Kitty Chaser
Light of Our Lives
Viveka.gif (36042 bytes)

3 year-old Guardian Dog
Keeps an Eye on Things
Bane of coyotes, new delivery persons, and other strangers
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Mouse Control
Bed Warmers

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15440 - 240th Street North
Scandia, MN 54073

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Please Leave a message -
we are often outside

Contact Information

Wayne & I enjoy showing off our farm, so visitors are welcome. Because of off-farm work schedules, please call ahead if you want to visit. The milking Herd "works" for Poplar Hill Dairy - about 9 miles from here.   The logistics of goats in two locations can mean we are even harder to reach than normal!

Carol is available for goat care advice, and to help you find the right goat for your herd. When you call, you will probably have to leave a message - state the nature of your problem/question and if it is an emergency. I will try to get back to you as soon as the schedule permits.

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Email Questions


Email works well - I try to check it several times a day. Goat care is a special interest to me, I enjoy sharing with others.
(Wayne can usually only answer rudimentary goat questions "Yes, that's a goat." - - And Viveka tries to help, but "toddler" is rather hard to understand)

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Sales List

Goats For Sale

Because we cannot keep them all, we usually have some goats for sale. Please check our sales list. Whether you are looking for Nubian or La Mancha Dairy Goats - or some Boer Goats - you have come to the right farm.

If we don't have what you need now, you can place an order. We are within driving distance of the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport and can ship anywhere in the world.

Organization Memberships

We believe that there is always something new to learn. And one of the best ways to learn is by belonging to an organization of people with the same interests. We have listed some of our affiliations and links to their sites (if they have one.)


ADGA.gif (27875 bytes)American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) www.adga.org mdgalogo.gif (27588 bytes)
Minnesota Dairy
Goat Association
(MDGA) www.mdga.com


The IBGA goat.gif (4357 bytes)The IBGA


La Mancha Club

Judith Hoy
1924 Mount Pleasant Rd
Port Angeles, WA 98362

International Nubian Breeder's Association

Barbara Regehr
RR 2 Box 216
Inman, KS 67546


Minnesota Forage and Grassland Council

Part of the American Forage and Grassland Council, which has affiliates in many states. We joined our local council about 8 years ago. Even though we do not really grow our own forage, we have gained a lot of friends and new knowledge by this affiliation.


Washington County Agricultural Society

The county Ag Society is the sponsor of our County Fair.
This gives us a voice in any actions taken by the Fair Board.
(And Season Fair Tickets!)


Goat Links
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Other Links
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