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Tumbling & Cheer Recitals


Date: Saturday, May 31, 2014


Time: 2:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.


Place: Sandoval High School


Note: Recital Pictures will be May 16th and 17th - Schedules will be sent home soon


Note:  Recital notes for all dance, tumbling, pre cheer, T&T competition team & AAU cheer squads are being sent home.  Please inquire in the office if your child does not get one home week.



Celebrating 35 Years In Business
1978 -2013


Printable Fall Schedule 2013-14



Printable Master Schedule 2013-2014 - For All Year Long!


Print these schedules out for your convenience!

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Adobe Acrobat Reader is a Free download that you must have to Open the registration form or calendar.   Click on the link above to download the Reader.

Our instructors are USTA/AAU and safety certified. 

Call: 247-3589 for more information!





Current News

April Calendar - 2014

OBSERVATION WEEK—April 7th thru the 13th

CLOSED FOR EASTER BREAK — April 14th thru the 20th


Recycling Program

We just wanted to remind everyone from last year and inform the new ones of our recycling program! We are collecting plastic lids to recycle them into benches and tables. They melt the lids into picnic tables and benches. We were short for our first trip and are saving for our next trip. In the front yard of the studio we currently have two picnic tables and two benches made from the lids that have been previously brought in. We need to take the remaining pounds and enough for one more bench to complete our goal!! We need a total of approximately 1,000 more pounds. PLEASE HELP US REACH OUR GOAL!


What qualifies? ANY plastic lid. Such as soda caps, laundry detergent, butter, toothpaste, deodorant, lids of pill bottles, orange juice, milk, 5 gallon paint lids, etc. Any plastic lid that does not contain metal!


How do we bring them in? You can bring them anytime and can send them with your child to class. You may send them in Ziplocs, trash bags, boxes, etc.  


Call: 247-3589 for more information!




Recent Pictures!

Mattoon 2014



Effingham Cheerleading - 2014


NCA 2014  Wild Card Classic


Salem Cheerleading-2014

2012 Cheerleading - Group Photo's!


2012 Dance Recital - Group Photo's!


2012 Dance Recital!


2012 Tumbling - Group Photo's!


In Business since 1978

Studio 50 Gym, Dance & Cheer Center
724 Hwy 50
Sandoval, IL 62882
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Celebrating 35 Years In Business !

1978 -2013


Studio 50 Information

     Studio 50 has been owned and operated by Rae Ann Gore and her husband David since 1978.  Originally classes were given to multi-area students in Patoka Community Center until the business was moved to Sandoval, Illinois next to Highway 50.  Students come from several counties to train at Studio 50.

     Classes are given in gymnastics, trampoline, dance, cheerleading, karate, baton, tap, jazz, tumbling, ballet, hip hop, pilates, yoga & aerobics.  Classes are held all year around starting in the Fall and finishing the year with Summer classes.

     For more FUN you can book a Birthday Party!

    We have a Dance Recital every year and a Tumbling/Cheer Recital every other year.  This year we will be having both.  Recitals are not mandatory...get more information in the office if you are interested.

    The dress code below is required and is a very important part of your child's instruction and self esteem. 

Dress Code


Dance Classes Tumbling Classes
All students are required to wear a leotard & tights to class.  Long hair should be pulled up & tight.  Students must have the appropriate shoes for each dance class no later than 6 weeks after starting class.
All students are not required to wear a leotards, but are preferred to.  However students may wear T-shirt & shorts over it.  Long hair should be pulled up and tight.  For the smaller children pigtails are preferred rather than in a ponytail.  Tumbling shoes are required for all students because of insurance and safety reasons.



  Monthly Tuition Rates!

1 hour - $42.00

  3 hrs - $81.00
  1 1/2 hrs - $53.00

3 1/2 hrs - $87.00

2 hrs - $64.00

  4 hrs - $93.00
  2 1/2 hrs - $70.00  

Classes for the season are based on a 9 month basis.  Some months have 3 weeks others have 5 weeks.  You are guaranteed 36 classes for the season.  Fees remain the same each month.  DO NOT deduct for missed classes!  Notify the office BEFORE being absent this will allow you 1 month to make-up the class.  All make-ups must be called in & setup through the office.  Classes not made up in 1 month are lost.  There are NO refunds.


Competition Team Rates
& Company Rates

2 hrs - $60

 6 hrs - $110
  3 hrs - $70  7 hrs - $120

4 hrs - $85

 8 hrs - $130
  5 hrs - $95  


Certified Staff

Safety Statement

    We at Studio 50 Gym, Dance & Cheer Center, are proud of our staff, most of whom have been safety certified and continue to update their growth and safety training.  This is important for all sports that involve activity in which there is a possibility of injury.  An injury may be anything from a bruise, a broken bone, permanent disability, or death.  We take special steps to assure safety at Studio 50.  Proper mats, equipment and progressions skills assure reasonable safety.  It does not assure that the children will never be injured.