Strange Knocking

Everyday at the same hour you hear knocking on the door, you begin to think you’re going crazy, you don’t know why this is occuring to you.

Every time you hear the knocking on the door, you go to the door and no one is there. You ask yourself if it is your imagination going wild. Or, could it be due to stress of life or are you losing it due to the sorrow you have experience on the recent death of your beloved spouse, child or parent.

Day after day you hear the door knock and no one is there. The knocking could be happening at night or during the day. After a while you become more familiar with it, and sometimes you might even say it’s a warning sign that something bad or good will happen. Yet, at other moments, you don't know why the knocks occur.

Day after days, weeks after weeks, this routine continues, then you learn someone else in the household is hearing the knocking too. Surprised that you not losing your mind. You try to search for answers, then you realize, through the grace of God that this knocking on the door is occuring in the spiritual realm. Your dead spouse, child, parent or close relative is signalling you.

Their souls are not resting because they need your prayers and Eucharist.

Sometimes souls will find rest after Eucharistic and prayers but other times they might need additional Eucharistic services. But once the Eucharist and prayers brings the needed healing, you will find the knocking will disappear.

So if you hear door knocking and no one is there when you open the door and someone has recently died, it could be your dead relative or friend asking you for prayers and Eucharist.

If you have experience similar occurrence and would like to share your story we would like to hear from you.


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