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Women in Christianity

Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres (1563)

Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres , a woman of strong faith, determination and character-- an excellent model for our times.

A writer, who wrote poetic entreaties to Jesus and Mary.
A leader, who wanted to remain hidden.
A woman who worked, suffered and prayed for those who gone astray. With uninterrupted prayers she stormed heaven and begged forgiveness and expiated the fall of mankind with "frightening" penances.
Favored with apparitions from Our Blessed Virgin Mary with Jesus and the Archangels.

A victim soul, who received interiorly the most sacred wounds of Our Lord, suffered and endured pain in imitation of Christ for the future of the Church and for the offences perpetrated against God by sinners. Died 3 times, 1582, 9/17/1588, 1/16/1635 and is incorruptible along with other founding mothers.

Sister Mariana was enflamed with love of God and neighbor, like her Father St. Francis she imitated the life of Jesus.  She followed the Spirit of St. Francis and Beatrice da Silva, founder of the Order of Conceptionist. She mediated and followed Jesus' steps to Calvary, practicing severe austerities. She carried a wooden cross on Holy Saturday, walked with peddles in her shoes and tied her hands with ropes as she hung in the form of a cross.

With childlike simplicity and enflamed with love she sort to imitate her divine spouse. A gifted reader of hearts, who would comfort her daughters telling them how to progress in the spiritual life and explained how it was necessary to die to oneself in order to practice real virtue. Repeatedly she warned them to guard the common life of the Convent and obey the Rule. When prayer and community life are wanting, she said, everything falls short, for the religious without prayer is like a soldier without arms in combat. She told them to be patient in their sicknesses, since illnesses are the best and most meritorious penances, which free souls from illusions, vanity, and pride. She especially warned her daughters to guard against that "cursed human respect, which makes one ask: 'What will others say about this?'" Instead, she counseled that they should guide their lives in the cloisters according to the norms of the Gospel and ground themselves firmly on the strong foundation of humility.

A mystic and visionary, who received numerous prophesies and visions for our times.  Little has been know about her until now.  Hidden for centuries from the world it is believed that she will become known and an increase devotion to Our Lady of Good Success will spread.

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Sister Mariana de Jesus Torres born in Galicia 1563, in the province of Vizcaya, Spain, who left family, home and country for the love of God at the age of 13, a personality, mature for her age, having complete trust in God and Mary.  She traveled from Galicia to Madrid and then Seville in order to get customs authorization to leave Spain for the New World and then sailed the treacherous seas with 6 cofounding religious of the Order of Immaculate Conception, to settle in the royal province of Quito. Sister Mariana de Jesus Torres attire was her habit and her jewelry a simple scapular and a rosary.

Read about her accounts of ecstasy, her battles, humility and strength, her interior sufferings as well as how she stormed heaven with her uninterrupted prayers, penances and lamentations.  Mother Mariana was inflamed with the love of God and neighbor.
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