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Two Mountains and a Stream

Each picture shows the position of the string at the completion of the step. Start with Opening A. (not shown)
Pass thumbs under index strings and pick up far index strings
Return thumbs to position, staying underneath the near index string.
Release index fingers. Now you have the figure in the photo.
With thumbs, pick up near little finger string. Return thumbs to normal position. Keep this string towards the top of your thumbs - You'll be using it in a minute.

Release little fingers. Now all three loops are on the thumbs. I've moved the top loop up on my thumbs a bit and colored it red.

Insert little fingers into thumb loops from underneath. Push the two lower loops away from you a little bit. The top string is still painted red. Keep your eye on this string.
Now hook the upper far thumb strings (the red one!)with your little fingers and pull them down. Curl little fingers against the palm. Your figure should look like the photo.
With the right index finger only pick from below the upper near right thumb string. Pull it back just a bit. Now with the left index pick up the same string on the left side (it is not the upper loop but the central loop on the left side). This is hard to photograph but I hope you get it.
As you return your index fingers (with the string) to their normal position, let this string slip completely off the thumbs. You're getting close.
Slip the near transverse thumb string (the blue one in the picture above)off the thumbs and drop it in the center of the figure. Here's what the final figure looks like.
Fleeting Glimpse > String Figures > Two Mountains and a Stream