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You've been patient on learning to toss, so let's skip the 2 ball practice. You're here to juggle so let's get to it.

Hold two balls in your right hand, one towards the back of your palm, one at the base of your fingers. Hold the third ball in your left hand. (Vice versa is fine, but I'll describe it from this position).

Start with a 2 ball exchange shown in the image. Toss the first ball from the base of your fingers of your right hand. You can't really "pop" this initial toss from your palm very well, so now is the time to learn to get a good starting toss from the base of your fingers. Just avoid rolling it off your finger tips, and work to hit your imaginary spot without any spin.

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When the ball just passes the spot and starts on its way down, pop the ball up from your left hand (from slightly inside your rest position) and catch the first ball as it comes down (your hand slightly outside its rest position). Catch the second ball in your right hand. Stop. That's it for now. Practice it until you can do it repeatedly. If you are tossing the balls well you'll get it pretty quickly. If you aren't tossing well and the balls are all over the place, admit it to yourself and practice step 2 some more. Keep your eyes focused on the imaginary spots.

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Fleeting Glimpse > Learn to Juggle > 3 Ball > Step 3